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The Unstoppable Profit Producer Program
Agency Wealth Mastery Academy

Mike Stromsoe's
Unstoppable Profit Producer Program


Here's What You'll Discover At This Event ...

  • $10,000 or more in profit-building tools and strategies, including Instant Retention Boosters that stop your commissions from sneaking out the back door. Why pour money in a leaky bucket? Now you can fix the “little leaks that keep agents poor”
  • The “Gifted Team” Hiring System. With the right team, you work less and earn more. With the wrong team … your life is a waking nightmare. Discover how to attract and hire the right candidate, the first time -- every time. This the foundation for your entire agency
  • How to Reach 100% of Your Marketplace. What’s the best way to promote and grow your agency? Is it snail mail, phone, video, text, social media, fax, or email? Learn the surprising answer -- and unleash 100% of your agency’s profit potential -- at this event
  • The Rule of 3: How it can increase your retention from 10% to 90% -- or more. This is a life-changing concept, but only when you’re shown how to use it correctly …
  • The “Inside Game” of Agency Wealth. You play two games every day. One is against your competitors; the other game is played in your head, against self-doubt, anxiety, and internal obstacles. When you learn the “Inside Game” you can get out of your way -- and your profits can surge. Like taking your foot off the brake and stomping the gas pedal!
  • Your Acre of Diamonds. The easiest money you’ll ever earn is the money you’re already earning. Can you get more sales while spending less on marketing? Yes! And discovering this hidden “diamond mine” turns everything you know about marketing on its head
  • How to Guarantee Success. What’s the easiest way to sell more and increase your commissions? Remove the risk of doing business with you. Cost to implement: $0. You can start the same day you learn it. And it can make your agency the Nordstrom, FedEx, or Zappos of your marketplace. With templates and shortcuts you can use right away
  • The Friction-Free Solution. Here’s how to systematize your agency and save the $3,000 you would pay a consultant to do it for you. Best part: Your team will happily create a unique system that profits you TWO WAYS: now, when your office is running like a Swiss watch … and later, if you ever sell your agency. Remarkable!
  • The Social Media Blueprint. Stop being a social media victim. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Yelp … where do you start? Find out how to point prospects directly at your agency, in 60 days or less, at virtually no cost. Finally, a complete Social Media Blueprint designed exclusively for Insurance Agents!
  • Joint Ventures and Lifelong Connections. Because attendance is limited to only 20 agents, you get plenty of opportunities to create valuable connections. Plus the number of joint ventures that can take place is absolutely staggering! It’s opportunities like this that make the Agency Wealth Mastery Academy unlike any other event you’ve ever been to …

Special Bonus - you will get a copy of "Growth & Profit Through a Referral Program That Gives Back", "How to Hire a World-Class Team - The First Time", "From Suspect to Raving Fan - A Welcome Kit for Your New Clients" and "A-Z Blueprint on Starting Your Social Media Program" (a $8,186 value) - FREE!!!

Upcoming Events:
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August 22nd & 23rd, 2013 - Costa Mesa, CA

October 24th & 25th, 2013 - Chicago, IL

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea at 800-770-9984 or email her at andrea@unstoppableprofitproducer.com